Meal Prep and its importance

When it comes to healthy eating, preparation is the key to success. If you don’t have a plan and leave your meal choices to chance, chances are good that those choices will not be healthy ones! Another benefit of planning ahead is that it saves you money on your grocery bill.

Studies show that nutrition accounts for 80% of a successful weight loss journey.

80% nutrition + 20% exercise = Healthy Active Lifestyle

Sundays are my meal prep day.

 ‘If you FAIL to plan you plan to FAIL’.

I am prepping for another week of healthy eating and thought I would share a couple of helpful tips:

1)         Print out a blank weekly meal planner;
2)         Create a list of healthy meal recipes;
3)         Make a grocery shopping list with all the ingredients you need for the week.


What do I meal prep?

✔    Veggies: I chop and/or spiralize raw vegetables. Carrots, onion, peppers will last the whole week in a sealed plastic container.

✔    Protein: I hard boil eggs, cook bacon, meat, and a whole chicken for lunch salads, and store in a sealed plastic container in the fridge.

✔    Healthy Fats: Homemade mayo, avocados and nuts (almonds). Not too much to prepare but I always have them on hand to avoid a trip to the supermarket.

✔    Lunch salads: I use a glass jar, and this helps my veggies from getting mucky. Dressing at the bottom of the jar, cucumbers and pepper, and avocado on top. I always place a paper towel on top to absorb moisture. Every day, I choose a protein to add and voilà – lunch or dinner ready in seconds.

Meal prep does not have to be difficult or time-consuming.

It’s a fact: We are what we eat!

Do you meal prep? Any tips you would like to share?

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