Why all the fuss about Cauliflower and/or Broccoli ‘rice’?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, the chances are you’ve heard of Cauliflower ‘rice’.

Even though I would like to live off pizza, pasta and cakes alone, am always trying to find a healthy alternative, and cauliflower / broccoli ‘rice’ is one of those easy swaps. It is grain-free and low carb!.


I prepare the ‘rice’ by either pulsing the veggies or grate them. However, if you are short on time, you can find it ready chopped in many supermarkets. I often prepare double the amount I need and freeze one portion.

The ‘rice’ is tender, fluffy, light, has the right amount of crunch and takes just a few minutes to prepare. I use it as a substitute in all my favourite rice and couscous recipes for both hot and cold dishes.

These lovely veggies are so versatile, that I use them as a substitute:

–           in all my favourite rice and couscous recipes;

–           for both hot and cold dishes;

–           raw or cooked.

I use raw cauliflower ‘rice’ in my salads, such as, tabbouleh, as well as, cooked in dishes like my Pork Baked Caulibroc.


Ok, I do not say this very often and I confess that I was a bit sceptical, but, cauliflower and broccoli ‘rice’ is without any exaggeration mind-blowing .

If you are trying to eat more vegetables or avoiding grains, cauliflower or broccoli ‘rice’ is something you need in your life. I especially love the nutty flavour of roasted cauliflower and am totally obsessed!

My last tip:

Drop the cereal grain and save your carb allowance for the yummy stuff!!

Until our next chat….

Much Love,

from your Maltese fizzyaholic

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