Cleaner, Healthier & Happier

My personal journey towards a
cleaner and healthier lifestyle
one meal at a time!

I am excited that you’ve landed here, to share my personal journey towards a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, as well as my culinary adventures.

I am a forever young girl in her thirties, former fast food junkie, gluten intolerant, love life and always open to possibilities and adventures.

In 2008, I took a leap of faith and soon found myself bidding farewell to close family and friends, to start a new adventure – 1900 kms away from Malta!  

Malta was, still is and will always be my home country! The island which most refer to as the ‘rock’… where I call it my HOME.

In a nutshell, this blog is a way for me to:

  • help and motivate other individuals like me who want to lead a healthier lifestyle;
  • share my culinary dishes and my passion for recreating junk food into real food. 

You can connect with me on my Facebook page Instagram

 I bid you a warm and hearty welcome!

Please come in and make yourself comfortable!
I promise I will post some delicious recipes,
healthy treats, and nutrition tips!

Det @fizzy-a-holic

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